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Reiki session FreedOM Yoga Studio Raritan New Jersey

Reiki Sessions with Singing Bowl Sound Healing

Just as yoga positively affects the whole human being so too, can Reiki calm the body, mind and breath. Consider a time when you were caring for a young child who perhaps had a bump or a fall. What did you do? Most likely, you placed your hands on the hurt. Or remember a time you had an ache or a pain.  What did you do?  Most likely, you placed your hands on the hurt. Instinctively you sought to access the healing process.

Reiki is a vibrational form of natural healing using Universal Life Energy done by a trained Reiki practitioner. It requires training to learn how to access and channel the energy through the provider to the recipient. Reiki does not claim to heal any illness but rather to help the recipient to receive the energy from which their body can benefit as it is able.

freedOM Yoga Studio in Raritan invites you to continue the healing process through Reiki sessions. Upon arrival you will find the Reiki table set in a cozy section of the studio. A chair is available, as well as freshly cleaned sheets and blankets. Soothing music will surround you along with aromatherapy as you relax, fully clothed. The Reiki session consists of a series of hand positions practiced over and on the body. The session typically lasts between 45 to 60 minutes.  Reiki can offer comfort while releasing pain.

A yoga student may be familiar with universal life energy as Prana. A martial arts student may refer to the energy as Ch’i or Ki.  Just as the various yoga asanas or postures balance the chakra system so too can Reiki. After a Reiki session folks share they feel lighter, rested and energized. Reiki has been noted to work well with medical treatments as seen in our local hospitals of late.

Gift Certificates are available. Relax and rejuvenate with Reiki.

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